29 July, 2010

I am having trouble concentrating. Burning Man preparation has somehow taken over my house, my brain, my conversations, my inbox and my browser history.

And this is just the beginning.

None of this stuff is usually in my house.

Here’s a braindump:

Things under way:

  • The dome. When we collect it from SF, we’ll buy the tarpaulin to cover it and figure out how to attach it. The tarp is supposed to keep out the worst of the ever-present dust, the occasional rain and the burning sun.
  • Charlie’s project, enigmatically described as “the most awesome portable Rick Astley experience on the playa“.
  • There’s a lot of red wool in my bathroom. This is because I am secretly delighted by cybergoth-style dreads, and what better opportunity to try it? Making it look good is a whole lot of work, though.
  • A bracelet that vibrates every hour or so. The idea is to stop every hour, take a photo of what I can see and write down what I’m thinking, in an attempt to document the undocumentable. I thought a vibrating alarm would work better because a) a watch alarm will sometimes be drowned out in the noise and b) I don’t like wearing watches anyway. So I got Charlie to help me build one.

Things plotted:

Things finished:

  • … none of it 😀


  1. this is all so cool 🙂

    And when you get back, pretty please will you make me a braclet that vibrates – I’ll pay an’ everything. You have a gap in the market there missey! 🙂

    Let us know how you go with the falls – they’re tricky but they’re worth it!

    • Ooo, have you played with falls before? Any tips?

  2. […] here’s an attempt. Every hour (ish) of Burning Man, I took a photo of whatever was going on and made a note about it. The internet […]

  3. […] a lot of red wool […]

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