Booting up

2 August, 2010

I’d always assumed that I lived in a first-world country. Then we went to the supermarket to buy food.

We spent some time wandering around, wide-eyed and marvelling. They have heaps of vegetables I’ve never seen*, carrots that look like they’ve just been pulled up from your Dad’s garden, juice flavours they don’t bother to export to Ireland, enormous buckets of icecream**, my favourite kind of cookies. And this is just in Safeway, never mind Whole Foods over the road. Oh, I want to cook all of it.

On the way back: look! look at this!

Tame, too!

Jet black ninja squirrel!

Of course, there’s always one problem when an Englishwoman travels to a coffee-drinking country. What is Canadian for ‘normal tea’? Does this apartment have a kettle? How does it work? The answers are ‘orange pekoe‘, ‘yes, shoved in the back of the cupboard because we assumed you’d rather use the shiny coffee machine on the worktop’ and ‘it doesn’t’. Perhaps I should take the hint :S

* Yellow courgettes? White onions? Strawberry-flavour cream cheese? Who knew?
** I fear for Charlie’s health :S



  1. Followed the tea link and got….Japanese jazz band, Yess!

    • Aaargh! 😉

  2. You’ll be disappointed to hear you can get yellow courgettes right now in Limerick. I ate some yesterday. Therefore by transitivity … 😛

    • Have a Limerick point. However, interesting though that is, it is still not enough to make me want to move there 😛

      Do they taste any different?

      • Yes. The texture is slightly softer and the flavour is slightly sweeter. I suggest you slice one up and give it a good grilling at the earliest opportunity.

        Judging by the comments, the verdict is clear: more vegetable controversies, please 🙂

  3. Pfft! Cat’s growing yellow courgettes in Harrow and I’ve got one in my fridge ;p

    Okay, you caught me. I’m just jealous.

    • Ok, fine, clearly I’m just the last person to have heard of yellow courgettes 😛

  4. yeah! My sister bought yellow corgette seds last time she was here. She got a decent start on growing them until some twerp stole all her veg from her patio.

    • Ok, ok, so these are not the strange and exotic items I thought they were 😮

      Who steals half-grown vegetables?? Someone who is really bad at germinating things?

  5. […] Jet black ninja squirrel […]

  6. not a clue, some idiot prolly drunk.

    oh btw Raccoons do bite and they are a rabies carrier. Enjoy 🙂

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