Getting Established

2 August, 2010

A day that starts with more maple banana pancakes* than you can eat is going to be a good day.

Vancouver’s public transport system includes the (oddly-named) Skytrain, a completely automated light railway. Because there’s no driver, you can sit at the front if you like. If you’ve played Half Life, you already know exactly what this looks like.

No headcrabs, though.

On A Rail

There’s a huge flea market where you can buy just about anything. Need a furry banana and some Betamax tapes? A pink Mexican hat and a robot just like the one you had as a kid? A machete and a home dianetics kit? No problem. Don’t forget to haggle.

Everybody in that market is friendly and hardly crazy at all. During the course of buying some walkie-talkies we were shown the scars from a Turkish drug deal** gone wrong, and purchasing a Welcome doormat for the dome resulted in an aggrieved lecture on the relationship between a country’s economy and the denominations of their coins. Shopping there is an experience.

On the way home we ran into Vancouver’s Pride Parade 😀 It’s all go around here.

I approve of this sort of thing.

Loud, colourful, great atmosphere.

And for dinner, an invitation to John and Laura’s barbecue. When one of the guests runs a gourmet burger joint, you know the lentilburgers are going to be good 🙂

* Yes, I know, I blogged what I had for breakfast. Please forgive me; I’d been looking forward to those pancakes since we set off.

** I am not exactly clear on the part the stallholder played in this, but they were nasty scars :S


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