On yer left

3 August, 2010

Stanley Park is weird. Even more so than the West End in general, it’s a utopian blend of plants, pathways, wildlife, people and views. The scenery is beautiful. I saw no graffiti, no litter, nothing vandalised or broken. Everybody is polite and friendly. It’s almost too perfect.

You cycle politely around the one-way path, overtaking and being overtaken by bladers and rented bikes, dismounting and giving way when asked, exchanging friendly banter with random people*. On the shore of English Bay, you come across Kent Avery’s rock art.

I know this because I saw one fall down in a breeze.

Yes, they're just balanced.

And then, Kent Avery himself.

He persuades them to balance, and they do. That is the only reasonable explanation.

Kent Avery, balancing stones

Here is a man who has found his One True Purpose.

* either this is the Canadian way or everyone in Vancouver knows each other. Extroverted Canadian politeness and introverted British politeness are very different.



  1. Am currently very very jealous. Stanley Park is one of my most favourite places, like, ever! Havn’t finished catching up with the blog yet, but have you been up Grouse Mountain? If not, then you should! And most definitely get the ski lift all the way to the top 🙂

  2. […] weeks here has flown by, and there was so much we didn’t […]

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