Facebook suicide

19 August, 2010

Ok, Facebook, I’ve had enough. Other than the occasional facebookbefriending, the only reason I log in any more is to reset my settings to Private after some Facebook developer has decided it would be really cool if everything I did was public. (This is the latest feature.)


Is Facebook useful? Hmm. Occasionally.

  • I used to like the status updates. But they’re buried in a heap of digital kipple, and anyway most of you are on Twitter, and anyway I should make the effort to chat, Skype, call and meet up with you. It’s always worth it.
  • I used to like the photos. But I’d rather look at a few good, carefully chosen photos than an entire camera’s worth dumped in and called an album.
  • (And I once logged in because I’d forgotten my own mobile number. But I remember it now πŸ™‚ )


Do I trust all 81 of my facebookfriends to collectively look after my privacy as carefully as I’d like? Do all 81 of you look after your own privacy settings, and know and trust all of your facebookfriends and everyone in your groups? Most of you are pretty clued-up, but not all.

Facebook’s roots make interesting reading. Apparently, the smiley Mr Zuckerberg broke into Harvard houses’ private student ID records to harvest the photos for a non-consensual game of Hot Or Not. Would I be happy about that? No. Do I trust this man to care about my data? No*.

Why am I making a fuss about this, when I post all sorts of stuff on my freely-accessible blog and Twitter account anyway? Because I get to decide exactly what goes on my blog, and it doesn’t keep changing under my feet. If I post something, I know it’s public, and I think that over carefully as I hover over Publish. (And I don’t blog about people who don’t want to be blogged, either. I check. I care about this sort of thing.)


I barely interact with Facebook, and now it seems like more of a liability than a useful service. I will delete my Facebook account tomorrow (giving you a short window to grab my contact details if you don’t have them).

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have not de-friended** you. You are still my Actual Friends, and I still care about what you’re up to. And if you want to know where I am or what I’m doing, you know how to find me πŸ™‚

* Ooops, it’s a bit late to decide that. You could argue that I’m shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. But: I have more than one horse.

** “De-friended”. I mean, seriously.



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