Castles with carpets

20 August, 2010

Victoria is weird.

Downtown revolves around tourism. Everything is paved and gardened just so. The picturesque harbour is carefully policed to prevent anyone swimming in it. There’s not much to do except look, eat, drink and be entertained. For example, you can walk through the Fairmont Empress, which, famously, serves afternoon tea for $55. Or you can go whale-watching, or for a cruise, or for a kayak tour. It’s all very Lovely and Nice and Picturesque, and I’m sure your Aunty Ethel would love it here, but it’s not for me.

Maybe I shouldn't be mocking the Parliament of British Columbia.

Where have I seen this before?

Though probably Disney will be more upset about it than BC.

Oh yes, that was it.

This is strange. I often look out of the Dublin Bus windows and wish someone would repaint the shabby buildings, repair the damaged signs and generally make it look like we care about the place. But if the logical conclusion of that is downtown Victoria, perhaps I’ll put up with it.


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