Keep rollin’

23 August, 2010

“We are a Pepsi train. We rock the Pepsi. We ROCK the Pepsi! No Coke!”

The staff on the Coast Starlight are characters, that’s for sure, and they work hard. It’s 22 hours from Seattle to Emeryville, CA and the train continues to Los Angeles; that’s a lot of meals to serve. But we get to take it easy:

(And, yes, the champagne is complimentary :D)

To ensure you don’t stay cooped up in your room despite the views, meals are taken in the parlour car or the dining car, and there’s a wine’n’cheese tasting on offer too. We made some trainfriends:

  • a friendly lady who thought deeply about life and asked interesting questions
  • a terrified man who shrank into the seat and didn’t say anything
  • a quiet man just back from ten days’ hiking
  • a miserable lady who complained about everything
Waiting to see whether a) our bags are on the train and b) they'll be taken off.

These things are huge!

We could have flown from Seattle to San Francisco several times over in the time it took for the train to ramble through the mountains. We mused on this, sipping drinks and watching America roll past. Relaxing on the bed, studying the dinner menu, fetching free fruit and coffee… Ok, I’m converted. This is the way to travel, and don’t let the airlines tell you otherwise 😉


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  1. I’m as green as my dressing-gown!

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