25 August, 2010

I now own a pair of the most ugly shoes ever invented, and they’re a lot of fun.

The black ones look like gorrilla feet, but let's be honest, they're all pretty weird.

Form follows function, right?

When I bought them, I went for a gentle run in Stanley Park, and nearly ran over a crow and a raccoon. I saw the look of panic in their eyes: “oh jeez, I’m getting old, I used to hear the humans coming a mile off.” Hehehe 😀

Results after one week:

  • walking slower (that’s a problem, I amble slowly enough as it is)
  • better posture (this is very good, I am slightly concerned that I will end my days stuck in a U-shape)
  • “hey, cool shoes”: 6
  • “ooh, weird shoes”: 3*
  • “eww, gross shoes”: 0

* The people in the Sofitel are either too busy with their startup investment meetings to notice, or too sophisticated to draw attention to one’s shoes.


  1. Great for leaving Yeti prints!

  2. […] course was 4.5k, and going too hard is a sure way to get injured especially if your shoes look like this). It was loads of fun (albeit really, really […]

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