Man, burned

27 September, 2010

The brief:

They say you can’t describe Burning Man. They are right.

Still, here’s an attempt. Every hour (ish) of Burning Man, I took a photo of whatever was going on and made a note about it. The internet will soon be covered in photos of the most impressive art; this is something from a different angle.

I appear to have joined a cult.

The excuses:

The photos are mostly terrible: blurry, dusty, taken in the wrong mode because I couldn’t see the screen in the strong sunlight, or I was covered in paper mâché, or something. I am going to claim that this is Art; honesty in photography, that kind of thing 🙂 Note also that the Big Exciting Events mostly didn’t happen on the hour, but that’s sort of the point: here’s what it was like all the time, not just the highlights.

If there’s no photo, I was probably asleep. Probably.

In accordance with BRC’s photo rules, the photoblog is password-protected. If you want to see, just ask 🙂

I have an alarming tea dependency.


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