There’s something in the basement

5 October, 2010

It’s Autumn. So, naturally, I have moved house.

This looks 'shopped to me. I assure you it isn't.

Let's go!

This time, the hairy one and I have moved into the basement of a Georgian townhouse. These houses have coalholes and everything*!

It has one bedroom, two bathrooms**, an Inner Lobby™, and a big living room with a kitcheny bit. As usual, the landlords were a little taken aback when we asked them to remove the sofas and TV, but we want the space for bikes, soldering irons, computers, sewing machines, workbenches, tools, materials and half-finished projects 🙂

Charlie is trying to persuade me to go to IKEA to buy shelves. I am not amused. Surely we can come up with some versatile storage solutions without resorting to that?

* I may be more excited than is normal by these coalholes. I just thought they were interesting, y’know?

** This is probably an artefact from its previous incarnation as an office. So are all the power sockets and numbered network points at desk height all around the apartment. Perfect…



  1. Ah – Inner Lobbies. Every home should have one!

  2. If it is photoshopped it’s rather good. The rear screen heaters are right

    And coalholes are fantastic, though they do tend to be used by FBI agents trying to eavesdrop on Communists. And the coalmen…

  3. […] Swedish angst In the War on Heaps, I have lost a battle. I went to IKEA. […]

  4. […] but we’re confident that it can overcome its fear of rugs and its irrational hatred for the lemming and relearn to dock. You just have to be patient, […]

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