PPoA #6

20 October, 2010

PPoA #6, County Kilkenny:

That'd be the orange bit, y'see.

PPoA #6: County Kilkenny

Mmm, cavey.

Dunmore Cave

Kilkenny’s Dunmore Cave features bat skeletons. I mean, bat skeletons? It’s as if the Dunmore Cave Design Committee brainstormed ‘spooky’ on a flipchart and decided that plain old bats and boring regular skeletons just weren’t spooky enough. It’s a good cave, though.

Er, how did this happen, exactly?

Bat skeletons!

Kilkenny is probably the smallest city* I have ever been to. For example, if you happen to need a new tyre between 2pm on a Saturday and 9am on a Monday, you’re all out of luck: the garage is closed.

    The marble is a lie.

    Kilkenny Marble. Honest.

    * apparently. I’d describe it as a small town, but there’s a note in the Local Government Act 2001 about “the continued use of the description city in relation to Kilkenny, to the extent that that description was used before the establishment day”. They got a city charter in 1609 and they’re not giving it up without a fight.



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