PPoA #7

21 October, 2010

PPoA #7: Cork City, capital of the People’s Republic of Cork.

Still a whole lot of unvisited blue.

PPoA #7: Cork City

On a Saturday night, Cork’s tangled loop of one-way systems is complicated by hordes of drunk people and gangs of taxis, and just when you think you’ve found the river again you realise it’s the other river. The resulting nightmare is best navigated by ignoring your GPS when it sends you around the same loop several times over*, striking out in a random direction and coming back in at a different angle for another go. However, we made it to the Pendulum DJ set in time 😀

Cork had some kind of jazz festival going on:

All is forgiven.

No jazz!

East of Cork is the excellent FOTA Wildlife Park. The park operates on a kind of trust system: if you don’t antagonise the free-roaming kangaroos and capybaras, they won’t bite/kick/run away from you, and the monkeys and gibbons just happen to prefer it on their side of the stream, and the giraffes and ostriches could easily step over the fence if they felt like it but the trees inside taste better. The effect is not so much enclosures as polite requests for the animals to stay in this bit, please. It seems to work.

Om nom nom.

Fake plastic trees

* Now I know what wool feels like when you knit.

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  1. Jazz lovers fight back…..

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