4 November, 2010

Comment-spam doesn’t usually brighten up my day, but this tactic is interesting: take a fairy story or some political commentary, run it through Translation Party, sprinkle in some casino links and Bob’s… still captured by the spam filter. Now my spambox contains more rare and poetic words than my actual blog. In my defence, I think my posts make more sense, and have no casino links at all.

Tiny sailed gone and forgotten uncountable towns, and the teensy-weensy birds in the bushes gnome her, and sang, “What a gratifying smidgin non-spiritual luxuries;” so the leaf swam away with her farther and farther, hoe it brought her to other lands. A urbane concise whey-faced butterfly constantly fluttered globelike her, and at build alighted on the leaf. Pigmy on cloud nine him, and she was blithesome of it, in the regulation of instanter the toad could not perchance reach her, and the surroundings to which she sailed was pulchritudinous, and the bronze knick-knacks shone upon the department water, delegate it glittered like variable gold.

Mr Andersen would not be impressed.

Plumpness, drugs, the cup that cheers, injure b warp and smoking on healthcare outcomes and costs, and try to instruct a palaver hither what lines deprecating burden should flatter in healthcare. I when one pleases also be examining an important and once upon a time in a chap-fallen moon discussed attitude of American healthcare the striking amount of kale, share and ardent travail Americans devote to trashy or metrical harmful practices, what I resolution visit the lay of the land of sortilege in healthcare. More to come.

I am amused by this image of Americans lining up with big sacks of kale to pay for their homeopathic remedies. Just eat the kale, guys.



  1. This has absolutely made my day. I’m not receiving comment spam yet, but when I do I want it to of this variety.

    • You probably are, but by default WordPress quietly detects and deletes it. I switched off the deleting because it’s interesting and because very occasionally there’s a false positive (including one of your comments because you’d put so many links in it).

  2. I am thoroughly confused.

    • Where did I lose you?

  3. I’ve never had any comment spam. But then hardly anyone comments.

  4. Someone has taken to writing their life story in the comment field of my blog. Regrettably, it’s all in Japanese – and the Google Translate makes their life sound more like a womble then I am prepared to accept… I’m still unsure whether this is some new and innovative form of spam, or just a way to avoid setting up their own blog…

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