Multicity PhD survival tactics

11 November, 2010

I am writing this on the train on the way home from a remarkably successful trip to Limerick, and I’m feeling smug. I’m finally getting the hang of it. Exhibit A, The List:

Also on the List: 'do not forget to eat' and 'do not carry more than you can carry'. I am not very good at common sense.


Every item on this list is a result of some frustrating experience, usually involving running out of power, being disorganised in a meeting or (usually) getting soaked. There are still optimisations to make (for example, a standard Dell laptop battery only lasts from Dublin to Limerick Junction). But still:

I am quite tired, though. 8.30am is no time for a meeting. I am also quite hungry. 8.30am is no time for breakfast, either.

* And yes, there really is a towel in my lab. I know where my towel is, oh yes.



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