Always winter and always Christmas

30 November, 2010

It’s been an odd few days, really.

First, there’s the weather. Heavy snow and sudden haildumps are unusual enough in November, but the accompanying thunder and sheet lightening* has lent the whole production a menacing air. However, the Irish Times may be exaggerating somewhat when it reports that “there is no end in sight to the unseasonal cold spell”. This ain’t Narnia, guys.

Yaktraks are awesome.

Wandering around Dublin in the snow will quickly teach you the difference between friendly snowballs and aggressive ice-based territorial defence.

Then Charlie got a haircut. This is a Big Hairy Deal™: he has gone back in time by about three years, and now I have longer hair than he does, which means I have to re-evaluate most of my nicknames for him.

And then I went to a sticky pub to meet Charlie’s friend Diane. Diane is actually not as scary as her blog would suggest, and to my surprise we get on very well. Even though she made me go shopping.

Strange times.

* I assume that most of north Dublin’s lightening goes via the Spire, but sadly there are no statistics available on the matter.


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