Like a taxi driver scorned

30 November, 2010

Diane needed to get from my house to the airport in a hurry, so she called two taxis. She assured me that people* do this sort of thing all the time and she’d cancel the losing taxi from the comfort of the winning taxi.

The next day I had to go to UL. When I checked into the hotel, the receptionist looked down the list and said, oh, there’s a message for you.

From the taxi company.

We haven’t forgotten about you.


So I stood for a moment, trying to figure out how it is possible that the taxi Diane managed to piss off by making them come out in the snow for no reason has tracked me to this hotel in Limerick to leave me this strange and apparently threatening message.

Of course, this is not possible at all. Sometimes, having a common surname has odd side-effects. But I am somewhat alarmed at the prospect of inheriting Diane’s taxi-karma merely by association.

* presumably, this is jet-setting multiple-phone expensive-shoes type people, and not people who would have just taken the bus. It’s a different world 😉


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