Raptor tesselation

9 December, 2010

It gets even better. I stayed with Ax’n’Charlotte, and Abi’n’Steve came to visit.

Note the freshly-decorated Christmas tree in the background.

Rock on.

And Abi’n’Steve gave me a velociraptor-shaped cookie cutter and we made gingerbread 😀

Coolest Thing In The Universe For One Day Only.

I approve of this kind of thing.

And no gathering at Ax’s would be complete without a round of Rock Band:

There's no way to work the word 'seepage' into this text. I lose :(

The plant's name is Voldemort, for reasons that are unclear to me.



  1. Maybe It can’t die, until the plant named Harry potter dies?

    • It looked pretty healthy to me…

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