For shame

17 December, 2010

Other people hide their unfinished projects in sheds, or make lists, or purchase Round Tuits. We have the Shelf of Shame.

The rule, according to Charlie, is simple: if you have acquired any materials or tools for a project but not finished it within a reasonable timeframe, that project goes on the Shelf of Shame.

I have a lot of stuff that falls into this category, including:

There’s just one problem with the Shelf of Shame. We’ve not got around to building it yet, and so the whole thing is liable to collapse in on itself into a black hole of recursive hopelessness.



  1. […] to TOG’s participation in the wallet-themed hackathon, there is one less project on my Shelf of Shame Challenge […]

  2. […] Thus, starting work is transformed into a game, with the tantalising possibility of a free tomato. That’s twenty five completely free minutes: no guilt, no looking busy***, just long enough to work on something interesting. […]

  3. […] Wisdom Exchange prototype sat on the Shelf of Shame for four months. With about a week to go, a couple of people asked me: hey, did you finish that […]

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