Zis iz a serious conference!

3 January, 2011

27C3 is a hacker conference run by the CCC in Berlin.

First impressions: it’s packed full of nerds. Gothy nerds with spikes and chains, cyberpunk nerds with Crayola-coloured hair, neovictorian nerds with hats and waistcoats, hippy nerds with dreadlocks and bare feet, compsci nerds with geeky t-shirts and glasses, military nerds with camouflage combats and berets, activist nerds with stickers and slogans, old nerds with beards and grumpy expressions, research nerds with briefcases and serious conversations, hardware nerds with quadrocopters and throwies, and nerds mixing and matching all of the above.

There are three lecture rooms, the hackcentre downstairs, a lounge and a bar with a ballpit lit by the CCC’s blinkenwall. Inevitably, there are regular ball fights.

Unknown German nerd, on being hit in the head by a ball: “Zis iz a serious conference! Please stop it!”


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