Club-Mate bitte

12 January, 2011

27c3 runs on Club-Mate. There are crates of this mysterious drink everywhere. Nerds are queueing up to buy it by the armful, stuffing it into backpacks, carrying it around the hackcentre, swigging it throughout the talks, knocking over the empty bottles at crucial points. 60,000 litres of it over four days can’t be wrong, right?

Is that a moustache or just a shadow?

Who is this person?

Ok, fine, what is this stuff? Once I’d learned how to pronounce it*, I bought some.

It comes in a glass bottle, featuring a not entirely reassuring character wearing earrings and a large hat. It’s yellow, gently carbonated, caffeinated and non-alcoholic. And it tastes mostly like prunes**, but it’s sort of nice.

* club MAH-tey

** This is odd, given that it is technically a kind of holly and contains no prunes whatsoever.



  1. It even has its own design pattern! Can’t find a supplier who’ll deliver it to Ireland though 😦

    • Seems like everything has a design pattern these days. Do design patterns have a design pattern?

    • 😉

  2. Bottled mate? That implies it’s not the excellent tea like beverage leading to the surreal experience of drinking a boiling drink through a metal straw which I was introduced to in Preston. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mate_(beverage)

    I’ve had the odd worried look at work when I’ve been drinking it 🙂

    • I didn’t have Preston down as a centre for South American culture. You learn something every day, eh?

  3. […] the one about Club-Mate. […]

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