Summer in Berlin

30 January, 2011

So there you are, on your first visit to a historic city, with a day to kill. What are you supposed to do? Go on a Historic Tour?

Nah. How about a street art tour instead?

The mural survives because the residents carefully repair any damage.

One of 50 faces in the 50 Faces Project

The tour is a crash course in tagging, pieces, stencils, posters, murals and 3D work. And Berlin just has so much of it all.

Oh, that's, erm, whatshername, you know...

I am probably supposed to know who this is.

This is our guide Summer (“yeah, I’m from California”). Art and architecture are her passions; that’s what she’s doing living in Berlin.


Summer outside the Tommy Weißbecker Haus

Thing is, in a city like Berlin you couldn’t avoid the history if you tried.

ich, du, er, sie, wie, ihr, sie...

Crisis? What crisis?

When Berlin was divided by the wall, new city centres developed in the East and West. The buildings near the wall were abandoned and then taken over by squatters and artists.

There is a rule: you can only go over something if you think yours is better.

Stairway near Hackesche Höfe

Now the city wants to rebuild the area to attract corporations to Berlin.

Summer: "This place is too mainstream, it was in Lonely Planet"

Inside the Tacheles artists' ex-squat

But the residents are fighting back to save their culture, their art and their venues.

Finest German techno served here.

The rave quarter, in abandoned Third Reich train repair buildings.



  1. Clearly I’ve been living under a rock forever – I had no idea there was such a strong history of street art in Berlin! Even more reason that I have to go now 🙂 Thanks 🙂

    • The tour is highly recommended 🙂

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