Dome II progress

1 February, 2011

Yup, we’re making another one. This one is smaller (to fit in the basement), 3v (more complex than the original 2v dome) and 5/8 (taller than it is wide).


    1. Calculate size of dome.
    2. Calculate amount of steel needed.
    3. Order steel.
    4. Push 18 6m lengths of steel tube through the window into the basement at stupid o’clock in the morning. *
Doesn't really tie the room together. Mostly just gets in the way, in fact.


    1. Clean steel.**
    2. Print a chart to show how many of each length to saw.
    3. Saw steel into 165 struts, colour-coding along the way.
    4. Worry that neighbours are going to complain about 1am sawing noises.
With a hacksaw. No sabre saw this time. Probably best.

165 struts means 165 cuts.

    1. Squash both ends of each strut in the Dome Bar Squasher™.
    2. Straighten up very slowly, rubbing lower back and making ‘aaargh’ noises.

"Ready?" "Go!" "Ready?" "Go!" *clang*

    1. Build a jig out of wood.
    2. Get the drill working.
    3. Drill holes in both ends of the struts.
    4. Bend the ends to a slight angle.
    5. Grind off the sharp bits.
    6. Buy more bolts.
    7. Draw an assembly guide on a polystyrene ball.
    8. Assemble dome and decorate.

Charlie: “Oh, by the way, did I tell you I’ve promised to take the dome to a party in March?”

  1. Disassemble dome and reassemble at party location.

* Seriously, what is it with these morning-types?

** It comes coated in black oil to prevent corrosion. Time will tell whether our cleaning was overenthusiastic.



  1. You guys are having way too much fun …

    • Yes. Yes we are 😀

  2. Taller than it is wide? In other words: a mini gherkin? 😀 (Though it would gain you many architecture nerd points (minus an appropriate Norman Foster modifier :P), are you quite sure about that?)

    PS And ninthly, for your next miniature spaceframe skyscraper project, how about Calatrava’s superb Turning Torso?

    • No, it’s no gherkin. It’s spherical, but it’s more than half a sphere.

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