The love of triangles

17 February, 2011

Enter through the pentagon door, lie back on the buddabag or in the hammock, and let the patterns reveal themselves.

My God, it's full of triangles!


It’s all made of triangles.


It’s made of hexagons and pentagons.


It has rotational symmetry of order five.


There are continuous lines interrupted only by the pentagons.


Every strut is holding up every other strut.


Mr Bauersfeld*, I salute you.

* The geodesic dome was invented by planetarium builder Walther Bauersfeld twenty years before Buckminster Fuller** got involved, but he didn’t have a cool name for it.

** Interesting guy, Bucky. Geodesic domes, polyphasic sleep, philosophy through pedantry and synergy without irony.


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