25 February, 2011

Sorting through a long-neglected crate of craft materials, I came across The Wall Nonsense. Generated in Loughborough around 2008, this is a collection of mostly red-wine-fuelled collaborative lists that made perfect sense at the time, but now leave me equal parts amused and baffled.

  • Several pages of the list of The Coolest Thing In The Universe For One Day Only™.
    It's not easy to pick out examples from this list, given that every single one was the Coolest Thing for a day.

    There are a lot of cool things in the universe, so 24 hours each is all you get.

    List items include:

  • A list of things that, from a distance, look like flies, including:
    • rugby players
    • spies of Sauron
    • helicopters
    • the Angel of the North
    • flies
  • A list of Game-winning strategies, including:
    • use back door
    • no tea
    • negate own existence
  • There was also a creepy, water-damaged No Chris De Burgh Allowed poster:

    Actually, that single malevolent eye is kind of disturbing.

    Poor Chris.

In retrospect, it was a very strange time in my life.


One comment

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