PPoA #8: Waterford City

2 March, 2011

Vikings! Walls! Murals! Robot slaves!

Hmm, this map is not going red as fast as I'd intended.

PPoA #8: Waterford City

Not sure what the green containers are about.

Rainbow weather

Not actually the best bit of the wall, but the best bit we found.

You Are Here.

Waterford is all about its city walls, part medieval and part Viking.

Definitely no carpets here.

Through the window

I was under the impression that Vikings turned up in boats, pillaged and plundered, and left, but apparently they also built things.

They're *really* keen on this wall.

Line Of Medieval City Wall

They even have murals about it.

I'd be angry too if someone put pink polka dots on my already-historically-inaccurate helmet.


As for the robut slaves; well, just the one. As a result of the Waterford trip, I now live with a Roomba, rehomed because kids are heavier than cats. Like rescue cats and dogs, rescue Roombas tend to have a few issues, but we’re confident that it can overcome its fear of rugs and its irrational hatred for the lemming and relearn to dock. You just have to be patient, right?


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