All work and no jelly

10 March, 2011

Twitter strikes again:

There isn't actually any jelly.

Occasionally useful.

The casual coworking movement comes from the observation that, although working from home has its advantages, you miss out on the social aspects of office life. So the Jelly was created: a regular event where people who normally work by themselves can meet up, chat, network, maybe even do some work.

Ok, that sounds good. So I packed up my laptop and went.


  • The AMWorks office space is nice, and makes a pleasant change of scenery.
  • You get chatting to people, about hackerspaces and architecture and the state of the internet in Zimbabwe and other such tangents.
  • There’s free beer.


  • It’s noisy! Keyboards hammering, games bleeping, phones ringing, printers swishing, conversations in several different languages. Sure, you could bring headphones, but that would defeat the purpose of the whole thing.
  • Working by yourself, the unoccupied bits of your brain are free to play (singing along to your internal jukebox, and other embarrassing habits). When there are other people around, you have to keep an eye on that.
  • I didn’t actually get any work done.

Conclusion: it was sort of fun, made a nice change, and also served as a reminder that the grass is actually pretty green right here. And working-around-other-people is a skill I’m in danger of losing, so I’d better keep attending.



  1. Looks nice – although I was a bit concerned that coworker (without the hyphen) might have had bovine connections…

    • I assure you that no cows were orked in the production of this blog post.

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