Mucked abaht wiv

18 March, 2011

Class 1 was amazing. Who needs the Three R’s when you can learn instead how to do this?


Also on the syllabus: papier-mache, weaving, pottery, murals, and the correct spelling of 'dalek'.

Interfering with Wonders of Nature 101

Take some daffodils that are unopened. Cut the stems at an angle to help them drink, and stick them in water with plenty of food colouring added.


That's blue dye, but the result is green.

As they open, the dye stains the veins in the petals.


... whereas the red dye stays in the veins.


Despite all this nonsense, they still smell yellow.



  1. You sound like you’ve never done this before??? We used to do it in primary school with daffs and crysanthamuns or however you spell it.

    • So did we. I have not been in Class 1 for some time now, but I’m still doing it 🙂

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