18 March, 2011

Ah, St Patrick. Patron saint of getting drunk, dying your hair an unfortunate shade of green and standing about in the road wearing an ill-fitting hat. Bah humbug. Charlie and I took off up the Sugarloaf instead.

They said on the Internet that people push buggies up there.

Can't be all that steep, eh?

The Sugarloaf is a marilyn that we pass on the way to Wicklow.

All together now: if you're looking for a ride, I've a horse outside...

Who left this here?

And every time we say, “we should climb up that one day”.

People are wrong on the Internet. You could not push a buggy up here.

You can see all the way to the Edge from here.

It’s a short and very steep climb. It’s worth it. These things always are.

Geocaches are often hidden under rocks... this might take a while.

There's a geocache down there somewhere.

If golf is a good walk spoiled, then geocaching is a good walk improved.

... hey hey I found it! It was under a rock!

Well don't just stand there, help me look for it!

I would like it known that, even though one of the geocaches contained this Star Trek geocoin, I did not reference this meme in any way during the entire trip.


One comment

  1. Double congratulations on crossing off an item on the “One Day” list and for finding that geocache! And all without a pint in sight…..

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