Are you sure about this, Liz?

15 May, 2011

Because of this and this, there’s a certain amount of this in Dublin:

Also some "NO QUEEN!" graffiti, which initially had me utterly baffled.

This lot have bestickered most of the city.

So the gardaí are doing this (presumably to check for these):

Hey, is this yellow mess going to wash off afterwards?

Every manhole cover, lamp post, coal hole and grating opened, inspected, sealed and sprayed.

The threat is, as usual, from a vocal minority. As far as I can tell, most Irish people are either brimming with post-Wedding enthusiasm, or couldn’t give a pair of fetid dingo’s kidneys about the Queen but are grumbling about the road closures and the costs of the security operation. Still, there’s a tension in the air this weekend.

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