PPoA #9: Galway City

10 June, 2011
Ok, that's all the main cities.

PPoA #9: Galway City

Things here:

  • Dave. But not any more.
  • JP’s family’s hotel.
  • The Spanish Arch. I am reliably informed* that this is where one might sparch.
  • A lot of organic tie-dyed local ethical vegetarian hippy produce, and a lot of hippies.
  • Some good busking by a band called Keywest.
  • Very few postboxes.
No sparching today.

The Spanish Arch

* by a random guy at a party. The same person also told me that the grass-in-the-road, cows-holding-up-traffic Ireland was a myth to sell more films to Americans. We saw both the next day.



  1. Definitely agree with your Keywest comment – excellent vocals from Andrew Kavanagh.

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