Money Bag Challenge

18 June, 2011

Thanks to TOG’s participation in the wallet-themed hackathon, there is one less project on my Shelf of Shame 😀

Gratuitous TOG propaganda shot.

Challenge complete.

This wallet is the same design as my duct tape wallet, but is made of the plastic circuit from inside a keyboard*.

Security through opacity?

Yes, this wallet is entirely see-through.

I was not sure how to make a fastener:

  • Magnets? Neat and effective, but also liable to erase all my photocopying credit.
  • Poppers? I did that last time; they didn’t last.
  • Velcro? The velcro would be stronger than the wallet.
  • CAT5 and connector? IDE cable and connector? I played around with various configurations but couldn’t find one I liked for a wallet this small. That idea can go back on the shelf for some other project.
In the end I settled on the piece of elastic, which doesn’t fit the theme so well, but does at least keep my money in my wallet. Until I spend it all in TOG’s tuckshop, of course.
I have both British and Irish donor cards. Yes, I really mean it.

Holding up so far.

The hackathon continues tomorrow, and at least two others are also working on wallets.

UPDATE: chebe finished her wallet. Hers is RFID-shielded, LED-lit and raptor-fuelled 😀

* which I have been carrying around in my craft box, from house to house and from country to country, since Ed of the clan Flix gave it to me in 2008.

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  1. […] the addition of some rainbow ribbon cable, my wallet is completed*: Six months of use and it's holding […]

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