The Man burns in 22 days

12 August, 2011

I’m making lists and panicking gently. Let’s see now:

Cloak of Many Lights: done.

Hat of Inexplicable Popularity: dusted off and fixed up from last year.

It does light up, though.

This hat got a lot of compliments. I didn't think it particularly noteworthy.

Belt of Holding: planning some improved pockets to attach to my belt (because nobody wants a backpack when it’s hot). Foiled by material shop closing times.

Fan of Cooling: stuck. I’m trying to make a large Chinese-style fan out of a dead umbrella, to surprise and then cool people who look too hot. It is not going well.

Air-conditioned dome: we have most of the parts to build swamp coolers in Berkeley before we go.

Paperwork of Doom: flights, passport, ESTA, driving licence, IDP, insurance, letters to wave at Immigration, oh my.

Early entry passes: agreed. This is awesome. It means that a) we get to arrive a few days early, avoiding the ten-mile queue, and b) we get to help build the camp. That means seeing the city rise from the dust, structure by structure, taller and denser and louder every time you look up from whatever ridiculous thing you are trying to build.

By the way, Burning Man has a post office. Sort of*. If you’d like to send me a letter (and I would be delighted if you did), my address will be:

The Flashman Arms (Quixote’s Cabaret And Bar)
Engagement & 7.30
Burning Man
Black Rock City
NV 89412

*Letters may or may not reach me; don’t forget your return address.

One comment

  1. Do you know when the Black Rock City postbox will pop into existence? In fact how long would it exist for?
    Looking forward to posting you!

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