The Treasure Hunt of Increased Difficulty, day 2

23 October, 2011

Ok, that play:

The Body Syntonic

A tale of adventure and precision in three acts.

Act I
Scene I
A sterile environment.

Ensure thy quill is raised; makest thou no mark.
A wide turn, to thy left side, eight thousand and seven hundred minutes of arc.
Scurry forth by two hundred and fifty paces.
Another wide turn, this to thy right side – ten thousand and two hundred minutes.
It is time to create; lower thy quill.
Onward, ten paces.
With thy quill still in contact, turn to thy right by eight thousand, one hundred minutes of arc.
Onward, a sonnet.
Reverse thy most recent turn.
Once again, onward, decimal.
A rest; raise thy quill and stow it.

… etc

There’s something fishy about it. It reminded me of the esoteric Shakespeare programming language, but I think this one is LOGO.

I installed an interpreter and translated each line to LOGO. “Raise quill” is PEN UP, “onward ten paces” is FORWARD 10. I ran it. I got a scramble of lines.

This challenge turned out to be problematic because there’s no way to tell if/when it’s correct. Much prodding and hinting later (have you ever tried to get information out of Charlie when he’s deliberately being awkward?*) my turtle has drawn a map:

Maybe the other two files will help with this.

Presumably, all will become clear.

* This is what you get if you date sysadmins.


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