The Treasure Hunt of Increased Difficulty, day 4

23 October, 2011

Ok, that cat picture:

They explode when they get too close, y'see.


The pursing monsters are creepers from the game Minecraft. Charlie used to play a lot of Minecraft. We even made a set of wooden boxes in the style of Minecraft blocks…

… wait a minute, why is that box now full of shredded paper?

This box had hats in it, last time I checked.

Sure enough, there's something inside.

This box is very, very locked.

Oh no, another lock...

Not only is this box chained and padlocked, the screws have been drilled out so I can’t unscrew them. Off to the workshop:

I think this was the intention...

Sawing at 1am again. Oops.

... and now sawdust, too

The contents are wrapped in paper...

Inside is a remarkably pleasing solar powered circuit encased in resin:

Inspired, I guess, by the SF Googlers we visited who had the circulatory system of a cat in a block of resin.

Well, I wasn't expecting that.

... bamboo?

Inside there's a PIC and a bit of bamboo.

At first I thought this was another radio transmitter, but when placed under a bright lamp, it emitted red light from an LED inside the bamboo shielding. Pulses of light… it’s Morse code again*.

It says “Have you seen any good street art recently?”

It is presently very late on a Saturday night, there are distant explosions, and I don’t want to go looking for street art right now. I return to a still-unsolved puzzle: the apparently empty partition on the USB drive.

It’s an NTFS drive and there’s definitely something on it. Running ntfsundelete nets me an executable called ‘unknown’, and running that gives me this login:

How am I supposed to tell if I disagree with these policies?

The tyranny of the waiting prompt.

What is my username here? What am I even logging into? No idea. I’m stuck again.

* Maybe I should just learn Morse code since I need it so often.


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