The Treasure Hunt of Increased Difficulty, day 5

26 October, 2011

“Aieeee, I’m stuck!”

Charlie tells me that the information I need is right on the screen in front of me. Sure enough, Google tells me that 00013.76490 is a computer system from the Deux Ex game.

I try a few logins and find this:

Now I have a craving to play Deus Ex again.

That was *data*??

More sound, eh? I’d assumed partition 3 was unformatted garbage, but throwing all the data into Audacity nets another sound-that-sounds-like-a-picture. But this one is neither SSTV nor fax.

I puzzle over this for a while. It’s some other format, but what? Charlie finds me watching YouTube videos of weatherfaxes* and urges me to consider the psychedelic flowchart instead.

The psychedelia is irrelevant.

Dungeon map!

Some hinting later: it’s a map of the whole puzzle. Filling it in (starting on the left with the locked box) tells me that the letter, the map and the message about street art must be used together, and that I don’t yet have enough information to decipher the noise.

It was a particularly unpleasant shade of brown.

Not a website after all?

Back to the letter then. It has two sets of numbers: “6 15 39” and “#351514”. Most geocaches in Dublin have an east/west coordinate of 6°15.XXXX, so that’s promising. Converting the second number in three chunks from hex to decimal gives 53°21.20. And that is here, near a crossroads…

So I’ll go there tomorrow and look for street art, I guess…

* Everybody hits RECORD halfway through the transmission. There is no example of a weatherfax header noise on the whole of YouTube. Sort it out, weatherfax nerds.



  1. Have you started filling in the Dungeon map yet? may as well post that as your progress bar

  2. Intriguing Becky. I’m hoping you’ll have solved it by this evening. I hope to see you then? This stuff is so beyond me it’s not funny. 🙂

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