No more triangles. Ever.

12 December, 2011

At long last, our dome has a cover:

Don't like magenta? Change the colour from your bluetooth-enabled phone.

Really ties the room together.

It’s made of 100 triangles of white cotton, each with magnets sewn into each corner, so that you can just stick it in place ting-ting-ting to the bolts.

But oh so boring to produce.

Satisfying to install.

Of course, sewing next to a magnet is physically impossible, because it magnetises the business parts of the sewing machine and causes it to jam. So instead, each corner is sewn without a magnet in it, and the magnet is pushed in before the threads are tied together. Doing this 300 times is incredibly boring (hence the ten-month project duration). If we ever need another dome cover, I’m outsourcing it to China.


Buddabag, nerdy cushions, and a swing.

Our house gets really cold over the winter, so I am seriously considering moving my office into the dome (adding some throws over the top for more insulation, and borrowing the bitcoin mine for warmth*). I should probably make a door first, though.

* Bitcoins are not going to make Charlie rich after all, but a bitcoin mine can be thought of as “Internet-subsidised heating”.


  1. Looks great and could get very cosy. You might want to consider a smoke detector… ;>)

  2. surprisingly OK as a beddome but it’s hard to swing on your swing. The lengths of the two supports differ hence their periods differ hence the swing rotates.

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