19 March, 2012

So what is this thing I’m making? It’s a Wisdom Exchange™.

Sources of inspiration include this wonderful project, these stories, and a list I have somewhere of the wise things my parents have taught me (such as “never buy a car in the dark” and “read the instructions after you do it to make sure you did it right”).

I am picturing a wooden box with a button and a pen in an inkwell-style holder and the paper accessible inside a brass frame, and a sign above it in a nice Victorian style:

~~~ The Wisdom Exchange ~~~

1) WRITE YOUR WISDOM within the Frame. Take note: Original wisdom only! Every one of us has in his Life uncovered for himself, through joyful or bitter experience, a TRUTH to share, be it profound or trifling.

1a) In case you have Forgotten to Bring a PEN, a PEN has been provided.



3a) If no WISDOM is Forthcoming: REJOICE! for you already know everything you need.

3a(i)) If this does not seem to be the case, kindly inform Becky at QCCB that the Wisdom Exchange requires maintenance.

4) GO HENCEFORTH with a Spring in your Step, for you are guided by the Advice and Knowledge of Kindly Strangers whom you may Never Meet.

4a) Unwanted, unheeded and unappreciated Wisdom may be deposited in the Bin of Hindsight and Regret.

Inside the box, the paper winds its way around a set of rollers, so you get whatever was written by the person four button presses ago. Here’s the prototype:

The point about original wisdom only is because I’m hoping for something more real than the “shoot for the moon and if you fail you’ll land amongst the stars” type recycled nonsense. If you shoot for the moon, do your maths first because otherwise you’ll slingshot past it and die of asphyxiation in deep space a few days later. Preparation. That’s wisdom.

It’s been a lot of fun so far. Over the last year or so I’ve been trying to get into some good habits: go to bed while it’s still dark, get up in the morning, remember to eat and exercise and go outside sometimes and so on. It is good for the soul to occasionally completely ignore all of that.



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