Mmm, serif-y

10 April, 2012

I have mixed feelings about the Arduino. On one hand, I built an entire Arduino-controlled prototype in a few hours while ignoring a headache. Everything worked first time. I didn’t have to read any datasheets. I didn’t blow anything up. And after two weeks I can still only read one and a half inputs on the PIC.

On the other hand, if you’re not blowing anything up, you’re probably not learning anything much about the hardware. The existence of the Arduino means you don’t need to, just as the existence of HLLs means you don’t need to know about assembly. Is it old-fashioned to want to know?

Anyway, due to an unlikely series of events*, Charlie had to unborrow the PIC programmer, so progress (or otherwise) on that front has temporarily stopped.

Instead I have been working on the instructions poster. It is coming along nicely, but I have a newfound appreciation for the letters ‘C’ and ‘G’. They are not as easy as they look.

It is not, however, a penless office.

It's a paperless office!

I am quite pleased with how this came out.

Sharpies: satisfying to work with, terrible smell.

Not sure about the red bits. What do you think?

Minor crimes against kerning.

* Our last guest accidentally took the remote control for the basement lights to New York, leaving us in darkness, so Charlie decided to build a replacement. My parents have been making “how many nerds does it take to switch on a light bulb” jokes. The answer is “one nerd, two days and a lot of swearing and the lights flickering on and off apparently at random when you are trying to do lettering”.


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  3. […] No. I bought wood, and varnish, and ICs, and wrote some code, and then got stuck trying to port the whole thing to a PIC and gave up. Conceding temporary defeat to the PIC, I set […]

    • Also not sure about the red bits. Ask yourself what their contribution might be? They need to pay for their living somehow, since they make it harder to read. Love it otherwise though.

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