Metablog III

27 April, 2012

30,000 hits. Metablog time.

Most popular posts:

  1. the ones about the Treasure Hunt of Increased Difficulty, mostly because of a sudden herd of people from Hacker News looking at the resin-encased circuit. Hello hackers.
  2. the one about Club-Mate.
  3. the one about Keys of Kraal.

Top search terms:

  1. ‘club mate’ and ‘club mate logo’. Who is this mysterious behatted character?
  2. irish idioms‘. A sudden rush of interest from the States just before Paddy’s Day. Hmm.
  3. hairy prawns’. Yes, I am still the third-ranking world authority on hairy prawns according to Google. No, I still haven’t tried them.

Weirdest search terms:

  1. ‘bdsm@accountant.com’. What strange fetish have I stumbled across?
  2. ‘nascam+key generator’. NAScam is a photo uploader for Android phones. It only costs 99c, you know…
  3. ‘big hairy tis’. I do not think this is the kind of site you were looking for.

Most popular links:

  1. A picture of The Fishing Hole by Tony Barulic.
  2. Cheryl’s blog post, featuring velociraptors.
  3. Scott’s blog, which I took off the blogroll after six months of inactivity. Six months without a single gripe? Has he become some kind of Zen master?


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