Lost and found

7 May, 2012

When you move into a new place it is very important to carry out a thorough Ritual Cleaning With Lemony Things. In the process, we found some items left behind by the previous tenant.

On a shelf above the bathroom door, a print of two people trying to crush a third person’s head in a clamp. Or remove it, it’s hard to tell. My pop-culture-sense is tingling; I feel like I am supposed to know who these people are. Anyone?

Whatever this was from, I don't think I would have enjoyed it.


Fallen behind a drawer, a book about management, stained with the neon shades of desperate revision.

Hope she passed.

The more you highlight, the more you remember.

On the fridge, a vaguely religious fridge magnet.

I'm not actually sure now why I thought this was religious.

A gift from Aunty Ethel.

On top of the telly-shrine, a souvenir programme and a ticket from a Chris de Burgh concert.

I had "Lady In Red" stuck in my head for several hours after finding this.

Apparently he’s working on a musical.

In the bathroom, a book of Oscar Wilde quotes.

Poor Oscar. All that effort, reduced to bathroom reading material.

The Wicked Wit of Oscar Wilde.

And in the bedside drawer…

… actually, let us not talk about the bedside drawer.



    • Oh, a wise guy, eh?

  1. And now all anyone will want to know about is the bedside drawer!

    • No no no, you do not want to know about what was in the bedside drawer!

      • I work with Dave B – I think it’s safe to assume my imagination is worse than any likely reality 😛

  2. The Three Stooges. Also known as Curly, Larry and Mo. Kinda like Laurel and Hardy only there were three of them

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