One morning in May

9 May, 2012

My friends at the hippy singing club don’t just sing in the Natural Voice style. Last week I went to the An Góilín Traditional Singers Club, to support Annie’s first song there.

It’s my understanding that folk music is a form of oral history, passing on wisdom through the generations. So what does Irish folk music have to teach us? This is what I have learned so far:

  • Nothing of interest happens in January, February, March, April, June, July, August, September, October, November or December, or in the afternoons.
  • Never get on a boat. No good will come of it. If by some miracle it doesn’t sink and you actually reach America, you’ll lose a leg fighting for Lincoln, and if you survive that, you’ll get home again to discover that your one true love has got fed up of waiting and committed suicide.
  • When planning dates, weddings, wakes or any other important gatherings, remember that the quantity of the food is much more important than the quality. Ensure you have the means to pay for it, or suffer the consequences. Drama, fighting and accidental deaths are all perfectly acceptable and should not impede your enjoyment of the event.
  • An ugly girl who comes with a free cow is probably a better bet, long-term, than a pretty girl with no cow (but check the market prices first).

One comment

  1. Ah now, what about those events near Banbridge town in the County Down one morning last July? 😉

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