8 August, 2012

Here’s my address at Burning Man this year. Please send me post!

Temple of Fertile Imagination (Quixote’s Cabaret and Bar)
7:30 & Foxglove
c/o BRCPO 2.0 in the 9:00 Plaza
Burning Man
Black Rock City
NV 89412


Here. Roughly. Probably.

How is post delivered within Black Rock City? The same way everything happens at Black Rock City: someone just decides to do it.

We never met Aaron and Juilan, but hopefully they found their post in their tent.

Volunteering for post delivery in 2010.

So far, I’ve received one out of three things sent to me at Burning Man, and successfully sent zero of one. This is because the distance to the playa, combined with the ad-hoc delivery system, means delivery takes longer than you might expect. I assume that anything arriving before the event starts on 27th August will be held in Gerlach, so earlier is better.

Thanks Mum and Dad.

Proof that it is possible.

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