Fan plan

13 August, 2012

The Temple of Fertile Imagination borrows freely from Roman and Greek culture. Following the success of the Fanbrella last year, I wanted to make some palm-leaf style fans to cool my camp-mates. To the craft-stash!

Look, there aren't any palm trees where I'm from.

Prototype 1.

Ok, that looks nothing like a palm leaf. Do some research, try again.

Why does this paper have "ROOMBA" printed on it? Ax knows.

Prototype 2.

Better, closer, warmer.

Ah, now we're getting somewhere.

Prototype 3.

Ok, that looks about right, and provides some good fanning action too. Off to TOG, for the company of the craftsters while I concertina-fold and trim eight large pieces of paper.

In fact, most crafting can be characterised as "a series of boring actions repeated many times over".

Really, really boring.

Industrial quantities of green sugar paper, and other classroom staples, can be had from Specialist Crafts. I recommend this bunch, even though I couldn’t understand a word the delivery guy said to me. It takes more than four years of practice to understand a really thick Irish accent.

Wish I'd thought of this years ago. So many holes in the wrong places.


Need an accurately punched hole? Turn the hole punch over and take the cover off, then you can see what you’re doing.

"More mess, more fun" says Jules.

I am 29 and I still cannot paint anything without getting paint all over myself and my surroundings.

Bits of foam cut to shape allow faster (albeit messier) painting.

There are only seven struts. The location of the eighth remains a mystery to me.

Palm-leaf fan kit, ready for assembly.

The stems are made from the fibreglass struts of swanky umbrellas, harvested from the streets of Dublin after some stormy weather. They’re wrapped first in tape (to protect against fibreglass splinters) and then in green florists tape.

Final assembly will happen on the playa. The stems go through the holes, the double-sided sticky tape sticks the central fronds over the stem,  a rubber band around the stem keeps the bottom fronds in place, and fanning commences. Well, that’s the plan.

Another project finished. Nothing like a deadline to get things moving.


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