Hindsight and Regret

7 September, 2012

Over in Black Rock City, I left the Wisdom Exchange on a bench outside my camp, where people liked to relax in the evening. Occasionally I met someone there, pen in hand, staring at the blank paper, or scratching out words with the dusty ballpoint.

The carefully-varnished box was instantly covered in a layer of dust.


To my great delight, by the end of the week the Bin of Hindsight and Regret was full of discarded wisdom. Text, pictures, email addresses, wisdom original and otherwise (and, yes, a few blank pieces of paper).

Helpfully colour-coded, too.

Things to watch out for.

"Don't forget to wear underwear."

Burning Man related wisdom.

Plenty of both in Black Rock City.

Advice about drugs.

You can fight it or you can embrace it. Either way, you'll still be dusty.

After a few years, the dust is like an old friend.

Ignore paths, follow moon. Got it.


What to do, and not do, at Burning Man is a tricky one.

Gently contradictory advice.

Very funny.

Ah, nerds.

But out of everything left behind, this one really speaks to me:

A cold cup of tea can help you find your One True Purpose. No, really.

My personal favourite.


One comment

  1. “A short saying often contains much wisdom”

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