The wisdom of crowds

12 December, 2012

More wisdom has been exchanged: firstly, the London Decompression* in October:

Try not to think.

London Decom 2012

Secondly, the Irish Decompression in November:

Are we advocating suicide or merely rejecting sub-par groceries?

Irish Decom 2012.

The Irish participants provided considerably more non-wisdom, and I had to re-thread the paper a few times over the course of the event.

They waz.

Get up, dress up, and show up.

Despite this, a connoisseur reported that the overall quality of wisdom was higher at the Irish party.

If you still feel like that three weeks later, maybe you should.

Ah, the good old post-burn life crisis.

And thirdly, TOG’s Christmas Craft Night. This wisdom has a different quality to it; this is probably because unlike the variously intoxicated Decompressions, Christmas Craft Night is fuelled by large amounts of cake, fudge, toffee, hot chocolate, cheesecake, mince pie, gingerbread and so on.

What I really need to know is how to cure this sugar headache.

Hackers and makers know stuff.

* What is a Decompression? It’s a Burner party. The kind of party where you can wear a lampshade on your head, or an award-winningly epic cape, or nothing at all. There will be things on fire. There will be art. There will be dubstep. (There will be people complaining about the dubstep.)  There might be pink glittery battle tanks, or sculptures made of teapots, or inexplicable cabaret featuring bunting in highly unlikely places. There might be talking to someone dressed in a skintight unicorn costume and trying to figure out where you’ve met them before when they weren’t dressed as a unicorn. For a few hours, normality widens again.


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