The Free Shop

15 December, 2012

Does anyone need a left-footed gaiter?

No, I suppose not.

Ideal Christmas present? No?

It’s been in the Free Shop for a while now. We’ve successfully rehomed all sorts of things: a USB missile launcher, some gnome-themed hooks, a cake tin, a puzzle, a book about grammar fails… but what they all had in common is that they were not missing any crucial components.

But definitely all free.

Ok, more of a shelf than a shop.

Even Edna the doorstop-cat effigy and the plushie beefburger CD holder have found homes with delighted* new owners.

Looks better with googly eyes on, if you ask me.


It is a very satisfying thing when someone leaving our house just happens to need a new bag strap, or some beer glasses, or takes a fancy to a Nerf gun. They’re happy. We’re happy. But nobody wants a left-footed gaiter, and yet you can’t throw out a perfectly good gaiter just because you don’t have the other one. PairsReunited.com is down and I’m out of ideas. Anyone?

* sorry Ax


  1. Admit de-feet?

    • But someone out there must knee-d it!

  2. I will not have it in my house. But, since my wife’s already ordered it, I guess I should give up the fantasy that this is my house!

    • Perhaps it could be modified in some way to fit in. How about a cape and a mask?

      • No Capes!

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