Accidental horticulture

25 January, 2013

In my last bunch of Random Flowers* were a couple of willow sticks, covered in catkins.



Long after the flowers died, I left the sticks in the vase because they looked pretty. To my surprise, one of them put out roots.

Today I learned: willows really like water.

Oh, hello.

Well, what can you do?

I'm not saying basements don't get much natural light, but the sweet peas are leaning away from the window into the house...

Go on then.

So now I have a willow tree.

This took a matter of days.


It joins a motely collection of bonsai avocado trees**, a probably-maple sapling rescued from a crack in a park wall, a couple of apple trees from that weird apple, and three lemon trees that are clearly unimpressed by the Irish climate and want nothing to do with it.

What am I going to do with a willow tree?

* There is an unfortunate belief that if a man gives a woman flowers for no apparent reason, it is to apologise for something he has done, and thus the flowers are packaged with suspicion and guilt. This is a problem. The solution is Random Flowers.

** Fact: there is no such thing as a bonsai avocado tree.


  1. I vote for living willow structure!

  2. We made a living arch. Turned out we hadn’t used the best kind of willow but it still worked fine. With only one willow tree you might be limited to a flying buttress, but that’s fine, you could become the owners of the only Living Flying Buttress in the known world.

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