Any colour you like

20 May, 2013

Project report!

The TwitterKnitter: blew up two not-quite-Arduinos while mucking about with a servo. Very embarrassing. Apparently I have not yet learned that it is a bad idea to have +5V and GND wires waving about while trying to hold together more other wires than you have fingers for. More haste, less speed.

The Wisdom Exchange: waiting for a tutorial on TOG’s CNC mill so I can mill some decorative brass plates. It’s not currently working because that Arduino is in use for the Colour Stealing Cloak.

Colour Stealing Cloak: ah, now, this is where it gets interesting…


  1. You might want to try the ruggeduino – it’s designed to be considerably harder to break than the arduino!

    • Heh, thanks! I have not yet damaged a proper Arduino, which makes me think it has more protection than the Iduino. Either that or I am more careful with other people’s stuff 😉

  2. […] a contraption bolted to it. There are 24 servos, wood, laser cut plastic, string, electronics, an Arduino and a laptop. The machine has just knitted the letter A for the first time in its 40 years, and I […]

  3. […] mounted on the index finger and two buttons on the side of the middle finger: one to trigger a colour change, the other to go back to twinkle […]

  4. […] started by repairing the buttons, but in the process I blew up** my last Arduino Nano, so I had to repair that […]

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