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PPoA #11: County Cork

2 December, 2011
The People's Republic of Cork

PPoA #11: County Cork

The town of Kinsale has art galleries and narrow streets and so on, and I’m sure it’s an excellent example of Quaint And Picturesque if it is not a windy and rainy afternoon in November. It is, of course, an eternal beautiful sunny day on the postcard.

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

What's with all the red objects?

I didn’t realise it at the time, but Kinsale is also the first Transition Town. I only learned about this a few days ago from Charlie’s friend Alec. The idea is to transform the town into one that can thrive without cheap oil and endless economic growth.

As well as the postcard, I also collected* another Irish idiom. The hotel receptionist, on forgetting what day it was:

Now, what day have we here?”

Is this Irish grammar cropping up again, or old English?

* Ok, technically this happened in Cork City. But Cork City is represented by a giraffe, so clearly the whole project is something of a shambles.