Knitting Machine on tour

30 January, 2014

Last week, TOG had an exhibition of projects in the gallery at Exchange Dublin. I wanted to include the hacked knitting machine, so Sinead took a set of photos and I created a couple of displays on the wall.

"Hey, wouldn't it be cool if..."

Normal knitting, before TOG got involved

Ok, that worked... what's next?

Hacked machine and the resulting knitting

On the closing night, I gave a live demo of the contraption:

  • Broke the knitting machine when I was supposed to be collecting it from TOG.
  • Fixed it again.
  • Knitted a scarf for a capoeirista.
  • Knitted various other texts, some featuring ducks.
  • Was mocked for my code’s lack of unit tests.
  • “Hey, my granny used to have one of those. I think it’s in the attic now…”

The whole thing was a lot of fun. You know, maybe I could get into this exhibition malarkey.

By the way, the Exchange is under threat of closure